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Mattracks Powerboard - Does anyone actually own one of these?

Discussion in 'Mattracks Powerboard Forum' started by Tim, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Tim

    Tim Owner/Admin Staff Member

    Nov 4, 2011

    I remember seeing this in a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog years ago, but have never come across anyone that owns one (other than this guy). It looks like a fun toy to screw around on a frozen lake or big field of snow for a half day with your buddies while drinking beer. Beyond that I can't see much use for it and the 'thrill' would wear off really quick.

    The board is driven by a 200cc 6.5 HP Chinese-built, probably Honda clone, single-cylinder gas motor, with a centrifugal clutch hooked up to a chain drive. Despite the meager output it supposedly goes 18-20 mph, that must be downhill.

    Mattrracks still has it listed in their catalog and has a dedicated website for it, so I guess they're still for sale. A article from Jalopnik in 2010 listed the price as $2495. I'd love to know what the annual sales volume is, I'm guessing under 25.



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