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Scarpar EXODECK Updates 2017

Discussion in 'Scarpar Power Board Forum' started by Tim, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Tim

    Tim Owner/Admin Staff Member

    Nov 4, 2011

    Scarpar has teased out a few picture of a production intended product to let everyone know they're still progressing. The new product has a new name as well, the EXODECK, it is an electric, off-road board that you can ride everywhere your other boards won't go.

    You ride the EXODECK like a skateboard, leaning left and right as you carve up the terrain. Speed, which is 20+, is controlled by a wireless hand throttle. Each track has it's own electric motor giving you the power to churn up sand or claw over obstacles in your path. Battery and run time are in flux but I've been told it is very good.

    Testing versions of the EXODECK like the one shown above are being built as we speak for final fine tuning. Scarpar hopes to ship around Christmas time 2017 so they better hurry up on the testing. With less than 6 months until a target ship time details should be coming fast and furious from them over the new few months.

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