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Video: Ungoverned - A new prototype from Dan Baldwin

Discussion in 'Scarpar Power Board Forum' started by Tim, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Tim

    Tim Owner/Admin Staff Member

    Nov 4, 2011

    Dan Baldwin, the man behind the Scarpar, teases us with a new prototype all terrain skateboard that is designed for "REAL RIDERS". If the riding footage looks slow remember this is a prototype and it was stuck in 1st gear. Dan has sorted out the gear box and will be shooting "Ungoverned 2" soon with fast riding. As you can tell from the end of the video Dan wants to be able to take his Power Board off some serious jumps. Power board back flip anyone?

    The details are limited but we know the prototype is powered by an electric start 4 stroke gasoline engine. There is a hand control throttle and some sort of gear box to allow for low end torque and high end speed. The engine can also be replaced with an electric motor if desired but I think the gas engine is a plus.

    If and when this will come to market are the big questions. I have a feeling this is something Dan wants to make for hard core power board rides. As he is funding this himself right now as a side project that might take awhile. If you want to help make this happen sooner you can support him by picking up Ungoverend swag.

    This looks like a sweet new offering in the Power Board market, what do you think?

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